Taj Mahal Tour, My date with Taj Mahal

Milestones to Agra Tour

I was always fascinated with the idea of visiting Taj Mahal some day. I had read about it in my school books and since my childhood, my interest of visiting this magnificent monument blossomed slowly but surely. Years passed by and finally we as a family planned a trip to go for Agra Sightseeing. We booked a taxi and started our journey from Delhi at 6:00 am in the morning. We took the Old Highway route and took a brief halt at Dabchick for brunch. We reached at around 10:00am in Agra.

  • Taj- The scenic Beauty

We bought the tickets and went inside through a great Gate. I could see many foreign tourists who had come for Agra Tour. Oh! My God! What a view! This was my reaction at the first sight after looking at one of the famous world heritage sites. Two huge main Green Walkways with Gardens and pools in the centre that led to the monument at the end. We started walking while enjoying the picturesque beauty of Taj Mahal -white domed marble sepulcher. As I drew closer, I could see four minarets outside the dome beautifully surrounding it.

I went up through stairs as the dome is at a raised platform. I took a round of the Taj Mahal and found a quiet Yamuna river flowing at the back of Taj Mahal. It was a serene atmosphere. I prayed at the sacred graves of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan. Beautiful carvings, inscriptions and calligraphy adorn the walls of tomb. I salute the spirit of King Shah Jahan for building this exotic place in the memory of his beloved wife.

At the exit point, I bought a replica of Taj Mahal to carry home. We took Yamuna Expressway stretch after Agra Sightseeing (approx 165 km at one go) to reach home early.

  • Memoirs

The aura and architecture of the place is such that it can’t be forgotten. The breathtaking beauty of the Dome, Minarets, Gardens and Fountains will remain everlasting in my memories. I have captured few stills in my camera also. Though I have not seen Taj on a full moon day but now I can imagine how aesthetic it would look like. Definitely anyone who has not gone for Agra Tour to see Taj Mahal is missing something spectacular in his/her life.



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