Rajasthani food- the many flavours of the desert – Rajasthan Tour

With the mention of Rajasthan, the first thing which comes into the mind is colours. Colours are synonymous to the largest state in India, which has rich cultural history, delicious food and geographical diversity to boast of. The state is perhaps, known for colours, with Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur being called the pink city, white city and blue city respectively. Just like the traditions, Rajasthani food happens to be very colourful as well. Mostly vegetarian, this food is mouth-watering and spicy. Rajasthani, chillies are very popular because of its heat content and the colours which they impart to the food.

Some of the popular Rajasthani dishes are listed below:

  • Daal baati churma: this is a traditional dish, and those who have read about Jodha and Akbar must have come across the name of this delicacy belonging to this sun kissed land. It is an entire meal in itself and consists of the components which are: dal, which is prepared by using two or more types of lentils, and is tempered with the slightest amount of spices. The baati is a little hard, considering that it is a role of whole-wheat cooked over a hot tandoor; it has ounces of ghee in it. The churma is the baati itself which is later crushed, with sugar and ghee.
  • Gatte ki sabzi: if you are well acquainted with the Rajasthani based TV shows then you must have heard this term. It is a really simple recipe, which consists of steamed besan, cooked in rich gravy.
  • Gulab jamun ki sabzi: this is a very peculiar dish which is very popular in Jodhpur. Instead of putting freshly fried gulab jamuns into sugar syrup, they are put into a savoury gravy.
  • Laal maas: this dish is particularly a hit with the non-vegetarians. It is mutton cooked in lots of garlic onion and Mathania red chillies.



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