Marble souvenirs agra

Buying souvenirs can be a really difficult and tricky task, which I almost always excel at. On my way to Agra, I exactly knew what I was going to buy for my family and friends. Since the place is home to the most beautiful marble monument in this world, what better to take home than marble itself. Agra is really popular for this amazing white colored stone. One may find different types of handicrafts made from it, however haggling with the shopkeepers and getting the right price for the souvenirs is a task in itself.

Marbles with inlay designs are quite commonly found in this city. Available at different sizes and shapes, these look very dainty and can prove to be very pretty and memorable presents. I had been told by many of my friends to get hold of these pretty showpieces, so I started my quest on the last day of my Agra sightseeing. Marble in Agra is of very high quality and the luminous white color looks absolutely impeccable.

On my Agra tour, I had noticed huge pieces of furniture being made from marble. I saw a beautiful white centre table with intricate inlay designs on it. I wish I could take it home with me, in my luggage. While buying marble, the buyer must be carefully of fake and counterfeit marble products which are priced equally as the original. The key to avoid making an expensive mistake is to look at the opacity of the stone; no light can travel through real marble. In case you are lucky to find a legitimate seller, then they will happily demonstrate to you the difference between the real and the fake

Since I had to pick up a few things, I ended up buying plates and jewelry boxes made from the white stone. They priced reasonably and looked very pretty as well. I instantly knew that everybody would definitely like it. These marble plates were simply a delight to the viewers’ eye with its highly intricate carvings and design, it pulled the attention of all. Needless to say its one of its kind and has its unique identity.


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