Jewellery shopping in Jaipur

Jaipur was once home to very prominent kings and queens in Indian history. The place boasts of grandeur, beauty and architecture, and a royal heritage. Jewellery has played a very important role, in Jaipur. Apart from Jaipuri Bandhani and mojaris, jewellery is also very popular over here. People, and celebrities from different parts of the globe, stop at Jaipur for some jewellery shopping. So if you are looking for souvenirs to take back to your friends and family, you do not have to think any further, all you need to get hold of is some beautiful Jaipuri Jewellery

When I first visited Jaipur, I knew I was going to buy Kadhas and Jhumkas; as a lover of traditional jewellery Jaipur turned out to be a paradise for me.  From costume to fine jewellery, you will find everything here, that too at reasonable prices. On my shopping spree, I saw a number of traditional jhumkas which were studded with coloured stones, and they looked stunning. After a session of haggling with the shopkeeper I ended up buying 5 of them in different hues, to match different outfits.

The best thing about Jaipuri jewellery is that in spite of being traditional, they have his old age quality in them which makes them unique. They can be paired with both ethnic as well as western outfits. The kadhas found here are to die for, they almost look like antique jewellery and are priced reasonably; also if you love statement necklaces and rings, you will find a number of them in various traditional designs, and they can be paired with anything to create a fusion fashion statement.

If your need is fine jewellery, then Jaipur houses some of the finest Indian jewellers who have silver and gold jewellery in beautiful and intricate designs. Also, gems and jewellery of the best kind are available here, and the designers can work magic with them, to create stunning pieces of exquisite ornaments to adorn womankind. There is a lot on store for the men too; rings and chains in subtle designs are available in plenty.

Johri Bazaar in Jaipur is famous for its precious and semi precious jewellery and is a must visit. Whatever jewellery shopping was left this market fulfilled it with some of the renowned jewellery shops here.



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