Jaipur Trip

In my opinion Rajasthan should be the cultural capital of India. It is a beautiful place, complete with vibrant hues, rich culture, warm people and amazing food. It was my second visit to Rajasthan because one visit is not enough to absorb the beauty of this western Indian state. In a country like ours, where culture is diminishing rapidly, it is really nice to see a place like Rajasthan where cultural heritage is given so much importance. From the beautiful havelis, to the colorful bandhej to daal baati , there is nothing not to love about the place. There is a reason why the state makes it to the top 5 most visited tourist destinations in the whole of India.

I had booked a holiday package for 10 days and my Rajasthan sightseeing tour began from Day 1 itself. My first stop was the pink city; Jaipur, a place which ranks in my top 10 list of the most beautiful places in India. I went to Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Govinddevji Ka Mandir and City Palace on the very first day of my Jaipur tour. The city has some amazing markets which sell awesome goods which can be carried as souvenirs. So before going Ajmer I decided to hit the markets and check out the cool stuff. To my surprise everything was quite decently priced and I saved a lot of time by not haggling with the shopkeepers, I visited busy bazaar, M.I.Road and Johri bazaar from where I picked up beautiful bandhej sarees, oxidized jewelry, a pure emerald ring and a few pairs of Rajasthani jooti. With all that shopping it was wrap for the Jaipur, and I went ahead with the rest of my Rajasthan tour.

My next stop was Ajmer. We visited the Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Dargah. During the namaaz hours, the place was swelling with people, it was nice to see how people were pushing past the crowd to pray. Once the crowd receded we proceeded in the dargarh, and the peace was inexplicable. With Ajmer done, we had to go back to Pushkar. Last Year we came to Rajasthan during the monsoon season and the roads to Pushkar made the journey very painful; however that was not a problem in winters. After making an early start we reached Pushkar in the morning. The place looked serene and we had a moment of spiritual awakening over there. After walking through the temples we went back to hotel to start our next journey to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.

In Jodhpur our first stop was the Mehrangarh fort which is a great place to visit if you happen to be a lover of history. That was the only place we stopped at during our car journey in Jodhpur because we had to make it early to Jaisalmer. Watching the sunset from here was in my to-do list, which is why I skipped seeing more of Jodhpur. We drove around desert, while seeing camels and museums, only to reach the sunset point at time. Watching the sunset was the high-point of my journey, I never thought that the setting of something could be so beautiful.

Overall the whole tour was extremely wonderful and worth  remembering. If my travelling time allows Rajasthan is again in my list. Every Rajasthan tour is full of million smiles!!!


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