Five Main Jaipur BAZAARS

Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan and perhaps the most culturally rich place in India. It is a shopping haven for shopaholics who love to buy different and unique products which are attached to the Indian culture. If you are on your way to Jaipur sightseeing, then be sure to stop by the popular markets in the pink city, for a glimpse of color, heritage and luxury and true Indian culture.

On my Jaipur tour, I stopped by all the different markets and checked out the wide variety of products which were on display. Spellbound by the richness of the variety, I saw handicraft, carpets, junk jewelry, leather items, gemstones, fabrics and much more. The five prominent markets in this city are

M.I. Road: abbreviation of Mirza Ismail Road, this place is very similar to Connaught Place in Delhi. There are a plethora of stores to visit and you can find just about anything in here. From branded garments to jewelry, from shoes to watches, from pottery to paintings, almost everything can be found in this architecturally famous place. It holds historic importance and is a must visit tourist spot

Bapu Bazaar: it is the one stop shop for everything. You can find almost all kinds of garments, jewelry, hosiery, shoes, handicrafts, carpets, in this market. The famous Jaipuri Jooti is also sold here.

Johri Bazaar: another famous shopping site in the pink city is Johri Bazaar. Jaipuri quilts are sold here like hot cakes. Paper-mache jewelry cases, silk wraps etc are very commonly found in this old-school market. As the name suggests the place is very famous for precious and semi precious jewellery and attracts the attention of many tourists.

Chaura Rasta: it is the ideal place for bibliophiles, who find books from different languages and genres over here. Also, there is theatre nearby, which makes it an ideal place to visit for creative work.

Busy bazaar: as the name suggests, the place is quite crowded, but if you are a salwar-kameez fan, then this is the place you need to visit. The 3 piece garment is available in different materials, colours, designs and embroidery in here and not to mention in different price range so accommodate all kinds of clients.


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