Q: What time do we get back to Delhi on the last day of the Golden Triangle Tour?

Ans: Usually you get back to Delhi on the last day by 6-7 P.M unless you wish to come back at a specific time to catch an onward flight. The time is flexible as per your requirement.

Q: How much is the monument fee at Delhi, Agra Jaipur?

Ans: As per our itineraries and the monuments mentioned in that, the monument fee is about INR 2500 per person.

Q: How much is the elephant ride at Jaipur?

Ans: The elephant ride will cost about INR 450 per person.

Q: Is fuel included when we hire the car?

Ans: Yes fuel is included when you hire the car.

Q: Can we self-drive the car, or will we be provided with a driver?

Ans: We do not give our cars for self- drive, we will provide a driver for the tour.

Q: Is the itinerary flexible where we can add other places of interest omit some others?

Ans: Yes all itineraries are flexible and you have the freedom to choose what you will like to see or do.

Q: Is the tour personalized for just two of us or we will share the car with others?

Ans: All our tours are personalized and with an English speaking guide who will be just for you.

Q: Will the car be air conditioned?

Ans: Yes, all our cars are air conditioned.

Q: Is the driver guide one person or two?

Ans: The driver and guide are two separate persons, both English speaking.

Q: What kind of car will we get?

Ans: For 2 persons there will be a medium size sedan that can carry two suitcases.For 3-4 persons there will be an SUV Toyota Innova that can accommodate your luggage too.

Q: We are from Italy, do we need a visa to come to India?

Ans: Yes all foreign nationals are expected to carry a valid passport Visa to visit India. The visa can be obtained from Indian High Commission in your respective countries. Please read our Visa rules on the website.

Q: Can you arrange our visa, or we need to get it done by our travel agent?

Ans: Please ask your travel agent to help you to arrange for the visa in your own country.

Q: Is breakfast included in our package?

Ans: Mostly all hotels in India give a complimentary breakfast with the room, unless specified otherwise.

Q: What about the other meals during the day?

Ans: Our guides and driver will advise you about the good restaurants in each city, where you can have your meals, or you can have them at the hotel where you will be staying.

Q: What is an average cost of a meal at a restaurant?

Ans: The average cost could range between INR 250- INR 1000 per person, depending on your choice of restaurant.

Q: How much tipping is customary in the restaurants?

Ans: These days most of the good restaurants have started charging a “service charge”, then there is no need to leave a tip. But if the service charge has not been included in the bill, then 10% tip is customary.

Q: Is the extra bed a solid bed or a temporary roll away bed?

Ans: The extra beds are folding portable roll away beds which are provided when required.

Q: Are all taxes included or will we be charged extra for this?

Ans: All our packages include parking, driver’s overnight allowance all taxes. There are no hidden costs whatsoever.

Q: How much money should we carry to pay for our meals and other expenses?

Ans: The meals in good Indian restaurants can cost anywhere between INR 500-1000 per person, excluding alcohol. A meal in a fine dining restaurant can cost about INR 2000-2500 per person.

Q: Can we get one double room with 2 double beds, for a family of four persons?

Ans: In India all hotels provide only one double bed or two twin beds in a double room. The hotels will provide one extra bed in the room on request.

Q: How much are we expected to give as tips and gratuities to the guide, driver and porters at the hotels.

Ans: The porters can be paid about INR 100. The guide will be happy with about INR 300-400 depending how happy you are with their services. The driver will be happy with about INR 300 per day. This is a rough estimate, it is not mandatory, and depends largely on your experience with them and the quality of their services.

Q: What things do we keep in mind when we visit religious places/ cities?

Ans: You need to be modestly dressed (no shorts revealing clothes), have to take off your shoes, have to cover your head to visit Gurdwaras (Sikh shrines).

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