Delhi Sightseeing Tour,Shopping Market in Delhi

The capital of India happens to be a haven for shoppers. Delhi is the ideal place to shop your hearts out, from high-end designer brands to inexpensive products which are a steal. There are a number of markets in city, which must be visited by all tourists. The culture, heritage and history of Delhi reflects in the commodities which are sold in here. Shopaholics from different parts of the country throng Delhi for their dose of retail therapy. I have made a number of Delhi tours, but this particular trip was solely for shopping; there are so many markets to explore that your feet will ache but the temptation to buy more will keep you going.

My first stop was Chandni Chowk, which is the one stop shop for the big fat Indian weddings. One may find lehengas, jewelry, decorations in this 17th century market. The place is always busy, which is why it is important to keep a lot of time in hand. On my shopping spree in this old market, I sipped on number different types of teas and relished on mouth-watering, lip-smacking street food which is only true to Delhi.

After my gastronomic adventure at Chandni Chowk, I headed to Shahpur Jat, I was the most exited to visit this placeas it was home to designer labels. To my surpise I found high-end designer garments with discounted prices and grabbed as many clothes as my pocket permitted. I last visited this place quite briefly, because it was not included in my Delhi sightseeing tour package. On visiting Janpath market I bought  number of footwear, in brightly colored hues. The collection of bags at Janpath, is beyond comprehension, you will finds bags in different, shapes sizes and colors in here. If you cannot afford a high-end branded bag, then you might just be lucky to find a first copy/ replica of the bag you always coveted.

My friend told me that there is a wide variety of markets still ready to be explored but Delhi Tour was fast coming to an end hence could not cover more. But this shopping experience gave me the desired impetus to come back again and complete my Delhi Sightseeing Tour.


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