Weekend Taj Mahal Tour

There are many places to visit but few which just cannot be missed. One of the seven wonders offered by the planet, the Taj Mahal is one such place. An ode by a lover for his departed beloved, this monumental structure has stood the test of time.

If you feel that whether the ever busy Agra has much to offer, then it is nothing much except the grandeur and inimitable allure of the most famous tomb on the planet. The trip to Agra is usually from Delhi which by itself is a treasure trove of history. A Taj Mahal sightseeing plan will also include other attractions of Agra. Agra in Uttar Pradesh, India is host to other World Heritage sites such as Fatehpur Sikri as well as the Agra Fort. The Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan as a symbol of eternal love he felt for his wife.

A Taj Mahal Tour in Agra can be easily planned as there are many ways to travel there and even more options for boarding and lodging depending on budge and time. For instance a car or bus trip would be 4 hours from Delhi to Agra and a 2 hour journey by the Shatabdi Express from Delhi. Star hotels as well as more affordable guest houses are available in Agra. Godelhi.net is an absolute option when you need a reliable travel agency to take care of your trip in and around Delhi.

Delhi sightseeing -Rajouri Garden; the next happening place of Delhi

From a Punjabi dominated residential neighborhood to an upscale market for wedding shopping, Rajouri Garden has evolved, to now be much more than that. Parallel to the metro bridge, on either side, are streets that light up like a Christmas tree every night, every day of the year. All credits to the many cafes, restaurants and bars that have recently sprung up and now adore the streets of Rajouri. Walk by them anytime and you cannot escape the enthusiasm and energy that entraps the place; mingled with occasional music and food aroma as the doors close and open by. Such is the charm of these very versatile streets.

How versatile? Read ahead.

  • Choose your breakfast type:

A lot of cafes and restaurants open late so they are pretty much ideal for brunching. However, Rajouri doesn’t disappoint the morning people either. At the extreme end of one of the two streets is the very famous and equally old, Prem Di Hatti. Chole bathure or stuffed naan with chole, the choice is yours. Not your kind? Go English with a coffee and sandwich from Café Coffe Day, just across this place.

  • Party with your squad:

With theme based ambience like that of Lights Camera Action to the roof top dining like in AM PM, the cafes here are ideal for any celebratory gathering. A menu complete with delicacies, sheesha and alcohol, Rajouri leaves you with no room for complaint.

  • Brighten up your broke dull days:

Not in a mood for music or fancy social gathering? Hungry but low on money? Craving for the mainstream munchies? Rajouri listens and reciprocates with Dominos and Dunkin Donuts. You also have the option of the newly opened, The Burger Club that is no less a paradise for burger lovers; also affordable

  • There’s no such thing like too much food:

There has never been a better way to suffice hunger than buffets. And Rajouri knows it. It thus boasts of its restaurants like the Global Food factory and Pirates of Grill that are known essentially for their buffet. The food is nice, affordable and most importantly, it’s a lot of it.

  • Fine Dining with family:

After a late night with friends at Rajouri, make peace with your family over dinner at Pind Balluchi or the Dhaba; also at Rajouri.

  • Post meal delight:

From donuts from Dunkin Donuts to ice creams from Gianis, Rajouri Garden never fails to enchant the sweet toothed. If you’re checking on calories, head to Cocoberry. If calories and money is no bar, Café Dolce Amante is your place. Indulge sinfully in the most exquisite collection of cakes, cupcakes and waffles.

  • Renowned names:

With its casual dining cafes like Boombox Reloaded and The California Boulevard, Rajouri is successfully breeding the hierarchy of the well established players of the industry. Reliable brand images work well with consumers bored of the familiar ambiences and the cafes are thus a huge hit.

  • Renowned names:

Rajouri Garden, with the elegance of Hauz Khas Village, the diversity of Satya Niketan, the familiarity of Connaught Place and the popularity of Hudson, is the new food cum party hub of the capital. It welcomes with open arms, treats you with unmatchable hospitality and sends you back with an urge to return again. No discrimination on grounds of budget, company, cuisine cravings or dining style preferences. 9

Holiday tour packages India

India has many tourist destinations. There are a plethora of packages which you can select from to visit them. The most famous among them is the golden triangle package or a combination tour package to three places – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

The package usually begins with a Delhi Tour, with each of the three cities located within 3 Kms. of each other. They form a triangle of sorts on the Indian map. The places are easily accessible via various trains including high speed options like Shatabdi and buses due to great road connectivity. Delhi traces its roots to ancient times of the Mahabharata (Indraprastha). Delhi is famous for the Jantar-Mantar, Akshardham Temple, India Gate, Jama Masjid, Red Fort. The city is a perfect mix of the olden times as well as modern factors. While South extension offers new malls, Chandni chowk and Connaught Place bring alive the times gone by.

Agra is the next stop on the tour which is 200 Kms from Delhi on the Yamuna river banks. The city has notable world heritage site tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. There is also Akbar’s once conceived capital city of Fatehpur Sikri. The Bharatpur bird sanctuary is another place where one can visit when on an Agra tour.

The pink city is full of or replete with landmarks which sing the songs of the ages this city has seen. This place definitely deserves a major portion of the time in the tour package. There are a few absolute must see places like the Ajmer fort, Jal Mahal and the Hawa Mahal on a Jaipur tour. In all this godelhi.net is a veritable option to plan out your tour efficiently thereby saving your time and making sure that the travelling experience is hasslefree.


Same Day Agra Tour

Agra is broadly known for its medieval history and landmarks that represents the undying love and romance symbolized by Taj Mahal. This architectural and structural magnum opus has get to be synonymous with the character of the city of Agra. Sightseers going by New Delhi, regularly go to a voyage through Agra around the same time when they achieve the capital city as it is inside of a driving separation from Delhi.

If you go for a same day Agra tour when coming to Delhi, it is fitting to rent take a train or auto. It doubtlessly will turn out to be a standout amongst the most stunning experiences of your life. Every moment will creep you towards the landmark that symbolizes the love of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s for his beloved wife.

A great many sightseers throng Delhi on recreation and business visits, and numerous select, a same day visit to Agra. Vacationers can come back to the Indian capital after a daylong sightseeing of the attractions in Agra. Visitors need to leave Delhi in the morning for Agra and return back to Delhi early night.

Agra Sightseeing

Despite the fact that the city of Agra is celebrated for Taj Mahal, there are different attractions that are as commendable as some other historical places like the stone cut Agra Fort and Tomb of It-frantic Daula’s. Same day Agra visit packages would offer you an excellent knowledge in the Mughal style of building design.

Your trip to Agra can’t be closed unless you have a desire for customary Mughlai cuisine. This small city has to showcase some of the exemplary cuisines of India. Savor your taste buds for these mouth watering delicious plates right from Mughlai kitchen.

GURUDWARA in Delhi -Place of Beauty, Delhi Sightseeing Tour

Delhi Gurdwaras hold love for Sikhs, as well as individuals of different religions too. Likewise, all the Gurudwaras in Delhi makes them intrigue legend joined to it. Each of the underneath specified gurudwara is a popular Gurdwara of New Delhi.

Gurdwara Rakab Ganj

Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib was built in the year 1732 by Lakhi Banjara. He performed the last rituals of the martyred Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur. The legend has it that Lakhi fled to his home with the assortment of Guru ji. There, he cremated the body on a heap of sandalwood.

Gurdwara Sis Ganj

Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib was fabricated to remember the martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur. This amazing place is located in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. People from all stratas of society come to visit this Holy place.

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is situated close to Connaught Place in New Delhi. The spot where the Gurdwara now stands was before a stunning cottage of Raja Jai Singh Amber of Jaipur. Master Sri Harkishan, the eighth master of the Sikhs, stayed in this cottage as visitor of Raja Jai Singh. Since that time, the cottage has accepted sacredness for both Hindus and in addition Sikhs.

Gurdwara Nanak Piao 

Gurdwara Nanak Piao is situated on Rana Pratap Road in the Shakti Nagar region of New Delhi. The gurdwara was assembled to celebrate Sri Nanak Dev, the first Sikh Guru. The site where the Delhi Gurdwara Nanak Piao stands was previously a greenhouse where the Guru stayed outdoors amid his visit to Delhi in 1505.

Gurdwara Majnu ka Tila

Gurdwara Majnu Ka Tila is situated inverse Timarpur Colony past Khyber Pass in Delhi. It is devoted to Guru Nanak who blessed this spot in the fifteenth century. Delhi Gurdwara Majnu Ka Tilla has truly an interesting story behind its foundation which can be well understood only once we visit this place.

Thus if anyone wants to make his day spiritual can plan a days trip to all Gurudwaras in Delhi as they are always open. The most attractive is their 24 langar sewa, in which people from all caste and creed sit together and relish the sacred food. Another point of attraction is the world famous ‘Prasada’ made from coarse wheat with pure desi ghee and sugar. One serving is surely not enough.

Fairs & Festivals in Rajasthan, Sightseeing Tour

Why Rajasthan emerged as the great revenue generating state in India? Why its beautiful fairs and celebrations are amazingly prominent world over? Plan a trip to Rajasthan during the festival season, and you’ll get your answer. It is one such place that commends each event including worships, harvest, conception, seasons etc. Individuals in Rajasthan are so dependent on merriments that they can’t live without folk dance and


Plan a holiday visit to Rajasthan Tour with your family or friends. Indeed, even in March – April, this vivid Rajput state praises one or the other event in every corner.

Gangaur Festival

Devoted to Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati, this celebration highlights the finest of Rajasthani people. Dance and music by the ladies wearing vivid clothing rich in color and design. Celebrated for 18 days persistently, the Gangaur festival is organized for the women who petition God for the prosperity and long life of their spouses.

Elephant Festival (Mar – Apr)

Elephant celebration is praised yearly in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Fascinating occasions are organized which makes the elephant celebration dynamic and bright. Jaipur Sightseeing includes occasions like elephant race, elephant polo and tug of war between elephant and men are much acclaimed. So, you must plan for Jaipur Tour and note its details in your travel diary.

Pushkar Fair (Oct – Nov)

Consistently a large number of pilgrims throng Pushkar Lake to take a sacred plunge and wash out their transgression. During this time famous Pushkar Fair is organized to check the entry of winters in the desert land. The reasonable is extremely prevalent among the international tourists as there are numerous occasions organized which these tourists may discover fascinating and energizing.

Desert Festival (Jan – Feb)

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is organized by Rajasthan Tour ism Ministry with the end goal of attracting visitor to India. This celebration offers many things to do and appreciate and to take back memories back home. In this way,Rajasthan the cultural rich state of India is always e brimming with fun activities and festivals.


Five Main Jaipur BAZAARS

Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan and perhaps the most culturally rich place in India. It is a shopping haven for shopaholics who love to buy different and unique products which are attached to the Indian culture. If you are on your way to Jaipur sightseeing, then be sure to stop by the popular markets in the pink city, for a glimpse of color, heritage and luxury and true Indian culture.

On my Jaipur tour, I stopped by all the different markets and checked out the wide variety of products which were on display. Spellbound by the richness of the variety, I saw handicraft, carpets, junk jewelry, leather items, gemstones, fabrics and much more. The five prominent markets in this city are

M.I. Road: abbreviation of Mirza Ismail Road, this place is very similar to Connaught Place in Delhi. There are a plethora of stores to visit and you can find just about anything in here. From branded garments to jewelry, from shoes to watches, from pottery to paintings, almost everything can be found in this architecturally famous place. It holds historic importance and is a must visit tourist spot

Bapu Bazaar: it is the one stop shop for everything. You can find almost all kinds of garments, jewelry, hosiery, shoes, handicrafts, carpets, in this market. The famous Jaipuri Jooti is also sold here.

Johri Bazaar: another famous shopping site in the pink city is Johri Bazaar. Jaipuri quilts are sold here like hot cakes. Paper-mache jewelry cases, silk wraps etc are very commonly found in this old-school market. As the name suggests the place is very famous for precious and semi precious jewellery and attracts the attention of many tourists.

Chaura Rasta: it is the ideal place for bibliophiles, who find books from different languages and genres over here. Also, there is theatre nearby, which makes it an ideal place to visit for creative work.

Busy bazaar: as the name suggests, the place is quite crowded, but if you are a salwar-kameez fan, then this is the place you need to visit. The 3 piece garment is available in different materials, colours, designs and embroidery in here and not to mention in different price range so accommodate all kinds of clients.

Marble souvenirs agra

Buying souvenirs can be a really difficult and tricky task, which I almost always excel at. On my way to Agra, I exactly knew what I was going to buy for my family and friends. Since the place is home to the most beautiful marble monument in this world, what better to take home than marble itself. Agra is really popular for this amazing white colored stone. One may find different types of handicrafts made from it, however haggling with the shopkeepers and getting the right price for the souvenirs is a task in itself.

Marbles with inlay designs are quite commonly found in this city. Available at different sizes and shapes, these look very dainty and can prove to be very pretty and memorable presents. I had been told by many of my friends to get hold of these pretty showpieces, so I started my quest on the last day of my Agra sightseeing. Marble in Agra is of very high quality and the luminous white color looks absolutely impeccable.

On my Agra tour, I had noticed huge pieces of furniture being made from marble. I saw a beautiful white centre table with intricate inlay designs on it. I wish I could take it home with me, in my luggage. While buying marble, the buyer must be carefully of fake and counterfeit marble products which are priced equally as the original. The key to avoid making an expensive mistake is to look at the opacity of the stone; no light can travel through real marble. In case you are lucky to find a legitimate seller, then they will happily demonstrate to you the difference between the real and the fake

Since I had to pick up a few things, I ended up buying plates and jewelry boxes made from the white stone. They priced reasonably and looked very pretty as well. I instantly knew that everybody would definitely like it. These marble plates were simply a delight to the viewers’ eye with its highly intricate carvings and design, it pulled the attention of all. Needless to say its one of its kind and has its unique identity.


Shopping Market in Jaipur

Shopping in Jaipur is absolutely a delight. On my trip to the pink city of Jaipur, I had read a lot about the things which are famous in here. Since my visit was slightly brief, I had to pick up as many souvenirs for friends and family as soon as I could. So I started my shopping from the very next day of my arrival and little did I know there was a lot in store for me.

Shopping in Jaipur is absolutely a delight. On my trip to the pink city of Jaipur, I had read a lot about the things which are famous in here. Since my visit was slightly brief, I had to pick up as many souvenirs for friends and family as soon as I could. So I started my shopping from the very next day of my arrival and little did I know there was a lot in store for me.

Rajasthani bandhej fabric, also known as tie and dye is very commonly seen in the markets. I personally love the brightly dyed fabrics which can be noticed from afar. Bandhej paired with oxidized jewelry looks very attractive and I ended up buying a lot of it. At times I think that Bollywood heroines must be taking inspiration from this city for their apparels.

Rajasthani bandhej fabric, also known as tie and dye is very commonly seen in the markets. I personally love the brightly dyed fabrics which can be noticed from afar. Bandhej paired with oxidized jewelry looks very attractive and I ended up buying a lot of it. At times I think that Bollywood heroines must be taking inspiration from this city for their apparels.

Truly truly and truly blissful experience!!

Thanks to my short Jaipur Tour which enriched me such an amazing shopping experience.

Kanak Vrindavan Valley

Jaipur is brimming with cultural heritage and beauty. The place which rightly happens to be the capital of Rajasthan is one of the most colorful places I have ever been to. From the colors of the bandhej sarees, to the bright hues to gemstones, to the gaudy shine of junk jewelry and to the intricate designs on the rajasthani mojaris, everything is so well lit up with beautiful vibrant colors. The same can be said about the rich history of the pink city, which was home to a number of kings and queens in the past. The place holds historical importance and one of the most important tourist spot over there is Kanak Vrindavan Valley.

Maharaj Sawai Singh of Jaipur had built this famous place almost 280 years ago. Located at the end of the Nahargarh hill, the place is breathtaking. I had visited the place on the third day of my Jaipur trip and spent more than half of my day admiring the beauty of these age old gardens. The name of the place deprived from the location where Lord Krishna is believed to have taken birth.

One may even find the statue of Lord Krishna, in the Sri Govind Deoji complex. The tour of Kanak Vrindavan valley is included in every Rajasthan tour, that is the kind of significance such a place holds. Encircled by the Aravalli hills, the place was meant for leisure hours of the king where he visited for recreation. On my visit, I noticed a number of unique trees which had differently shapes leaves, also there is a series of amazing fountains which make the place extremely picturesque. One of the major advantages of visiting these Jaipur Gardens, is that it is located very close to other tourist spots such as Elephant Park, Jaigarh Fort,  Jal Mahal and Amer Fort. So you can easily check out the historical significance of Jaipur city in just one day.


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