Another sightseeing day in Delhi

Delhi: Day 3

It was another early day for us, I’d already set the alarm earlier because I knew my lil’ munchkin would be fired up for a swim. About an hour later, we were finishing our sausages and eggs, and ready to leave for our last day out in the capital.

Arun was there to receive us, smiling widely ever. Lily and him continued on their conversation of anything that pops into Lily’s head. Delhi still had a lot more places to see but we decided to hit two major heritage spots on a yet unexplored side of Delhi, before saying goodbye. First up was The devotional Disneyland of India, Akshardham Temple.

We made our way across the huge Yamuna River and reached the relatively new and massive(about 100 acres), Akshardham Temple. The exterior of Akshardham is covered with finely engraved statues of Hindu gods, animals, and holy people.

A unique journey through India’s glorious art, values and 10,000 years of Indian culture. The temple design reflects the style of Hindu temple architecture of India – mainly Rajasthan, Orissa, Gujarat, Mughal and Jain. Constructed entirely out of marble and red sandstone, the temple has been built without the use of steel.

To make your way inside you must first leave your shoes with one of the workers, who hands you a metal number key for identification. The interior is no less spectacular, with similar carvings and large gold statues of various gods.

A fusion of pink and white, the temple has more statues than you can imagine and a respectable number of ornate pillars and arches studded with floral motifs and exquisite carvings.

The temple complex is very huge and walking may make you feel hungry. There is Snacks Poin and for proper meals, you have to go to the Premati Ahargruh or the Premvati Food Court which is a complete and pure vegetarian restaurant designed as the Ajanta-Ellora caves of Maharashtra. The restaurant caters a wide variety of traditional dishes of India.

A visit to the Akshardham temple takes you on a long journey of Indian culture, arts and value through it’s architecture and some modern day technology. Walk around for some time, and you get to know some astonishing mythological and cultural stories of that land that surrounds you.

The Akshardham also has an exhibition hall or tour hall where you can get a deeper insight into the background of Akshardham and Indian culture. The ‘Hall of Values’ has an audio-animatronics show that features the universal values for mankind depicted through presentations from the life of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Also did I mention a musical fountain?

We had ‘cholle bhature’ for lunch inside the complex and left. Reaching Lotus Temple, in South Delhi. We had to take a long walk after taking our shoes off over a carpeted path. It was ok but I was just thinking.

Built in 1986 of pure white marble from the Penteli mountain in Greece, the Lotus Temple is a Bahaí House of Worship where people of any religions can come to pray. What makes this temple so incredibly unique and awe-inspiring is its shape and form. Inspired by India’s sacred lotus flower, the temple is composed of 27 free-standing marble “petals” arranged in groups of three to form nine sides forming a lotus flower. It is fitting that the temple is designed to look like India’s treasured lotus flower, which is also it’s official National flower. The surrounding of the place is very pleasing and has peaceful and serene setting. You can have perfect peace of mind during your visit to this Lotus Temple. The architecture shows expertise of both the conventional and modern style. The structure of the Lotus Temple reminds one of the Sydney Opera House. The prayer sessions are arranged four times in a day. People of all faith can enter the temple and pay their worship. opportunity to walk the grounds, learn a bit about the Bahai faith, and sit in on a service. Bahai works to find the unity in all major world religions, and for the service I joined practitioners read verses from the New Testament, the Hebrew Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Quran followed by a period of silent, personal prayer and reflection.

I began reflecting on my belief in religion itself and Lily couldn’t really comprehend the entirety of this place but she was really happen to be inside a lotus.

After quickly having some ‘gol gappas’ at Nathu’s Sweets in Sunder Naga, we left back to the hotel for dinner and an early night.


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